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Today, manufacturers of advanced semiconductor and magnetic devices require the most sophisticated techniques to monitor and, thereby, control material impurities and compositions in sputtering targets. Wafer fabs, magnetic media and thin film head manufacturers must have the utmost of confidence in the quality and consistency of the materials used in their processes. Praxair MRC has long recognized this responsibility by establishing and constantly updating its analytical laboratories with state-of- the-art equipment and rigid techniques for ultra-trace and cost- effective composition analyses.

Analytical Laboratory Praxair MRC's Analytical Laboratories contain many of the most advanced materials analytical tools. The glow discharge mass spectrometer (GDMS) is capable of measuring impurities to 0.2 ppb. Inductively- coupled plasma (ICP) and direct-coupled plasma (DCP) instruments measure impurities to about 1 ppm and its two LECO instruments measure N, 0, C, S levels to 5 ppm. Advanced tools, such as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) are also used to determine the composition of alloys. Atomic absorption (AA) activation analysis is used for alkali elements and can measure impurities to 0.2 ppm.

  Praxair MRCs experienced analytical scientists constantly monitor the latest developments in their field and participate in the development of new ASTM methods for analytical techniques. Round-robin GDMS studies are regularly conducted with other laboratories. In addition, SPC techniques are used to maintain the reliability of all techniques in the analytical laboratories.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) All data from the analytical laboratories is captured in the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which exists at each MRC target manufacturing site. The LIMS system retains data for specific elemental impurities and composition of all metals, compounds and alloys produced by Praxair MRC. This database provides trend information and SQC data for particular impurities or components in metals and alloys. Another value of the LIMS is that it is used internally to drive continuous improvement programs.

From the LIMS system, material certificates of analysis (CoA) are generated. The system assures that materials meet Praxair MRC or customer specifications by comparing analysis results to the material specifications. Once meeting the specification's requirements, hard copy and/or electronic format CoA are issued.

  Praxair MRC believes that total customer satisfaction requires providing the best materials and using the most advanced techniques to assure material purity. Continual investment in the latest analytical equipment and trained personnel is an example of Praxair MRC's commitment to its customers in supplying them with world-class sputtering target materials.

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