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CCH ® Metal sputtering targets for coating metal on susbstrates.
Eclipse ® Inorganic sputter targets for use in vacuum sputter deposition of inorganic coatings on substrates; apparatus for vacuum sputter deposition of inorganic coatings on substrates.
Focest ® Sputtering targets for coating metal on substrates.
Galaxy ® Semiconductor wafer processing equipment; namely, cluster tool apparatus incorporating a plurality of semiconductor wafer processing chambers of the same or diverse types and a centrally located wafer handler for transferring wafers between the various semiconducting wafer chambers.
Hyperline TM Inorganic sputter targets for use in vacuum sputter deposition of inorganic coatings on substrates.
Inset ® Sputtering targets for coating metal on substrates.
Integrabond ® High purity metallic and other inorganic material sputtering targets for use in vacuum coating of metallic and inorganic material on substrates such as semiconductor wafers, magneto-optic discs, compact discs (CDs).
MARZ ® Metals and alloys of high purity.
Monobloc ® High purity metallic and other inorganic material sputtering targets for use in vacuum coating of metallic and inorganic material on substrates such as semiconductor wafers, magneto-optic discs, compact discs (CDs).
MRC ® Chemical vapor deposition apparatus.
MRC logo ® Sputtering substrate materials such as alumina in the form of thin plates, both plain (uncoated) and metallized; metal sputtering targets and vapor deposition materials in the form of discs, crystals, polycrystalline rods, foils, wires, slugs, powders, buttons, loaves, ingots or clips of high purity metals such as aluminium, copper, gold, platinum, silver, rare earths, alloys, and compounds and evaporation sources of tantalum, tungsten or molybdenum in the form of filaments coated with the above-listed vapor deposition materials or evaporation boats (i.e. shallow open containers) for holding said vapor deposition materials; sputtering systems having a vacuum depositon chamber, vacuum pump, high voltage DC and/or RF power supply units, and controls combined in console arrangements as well as components of such systems including vacuum interlocks, vacuum pumping stations, and sputtering power supplies.
Praxair ® Praxair's trademarks and service marks may be used publicly with permission only from Praxair. Fair use of Praxair's trademarks and service marks in advertising or promotion of Praxair's products requires proper acknowledgement.
Permabond ® Production and laboratory equipment; namely, target sputter deposition apparatuses mounted on a backing plate for use in conjunction with sputter deposition applications for sputter coating target material on a surface to be coated.
Phoenix ® Chemical vapor deposition apparatus.
Solarus ® Inorganic sputter targets for use in vacuum sputter deposition of inorganic coatings on substrates, and apparatus for vacuum sputter deposition of inorganic coatings on substrates.
SPA ® Inorganic sputter targets for use in vacuum sputter deposition of inorganic coatings on substrates.
Ultragrade ® Metals and alloys for sputtering targets and evaporation materials used in deposition of coatings onto substrates.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Praxair MRC, CCH, ECLIPSE, ECLIPSE-Star, ECLIPSE Mark II, Fixture Immersion Bonding, InLine, INSET, Integrabond, Monobloc, Permabond, Primus, RMX, SPA, Summit, MiniDisc and UltraMarz are trademarks of Praxair Materials Research.
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