HCM Targets for the Novellus Inova™ Tool

Praxair MRC is activity committed to the next generation of thin film materials for the emerging technologies that will be used in future ICs. Recognizing that ionized plasma and 300 mm wafer technologies will dominate 0.13 µm technology, Praxair MRC has focused resources to development programs to meet these needs.

One such tool for this future technology is the Inova, Novellus’ next-generation PVD system, which has been specifically designed for 0.18µm and smaller device generations. This system utilizes proprietary Hollow Cathode Magnetron (HCM) source technology

Working closely with Novellus, Praxair MRC has developed the metallurgy for copper and tantalum, for the next generation copper IC metallization production processes, as well as titanium and aluminum for today’s standard metallization technology. Working through the metallurgical challenges of producing this unique design, Praxair MRC’s engineers have incorporated CCH Do processes assuring controlled fine grain structures in all materials. These processes have proven successful on sputtering targets for 200 mm and 300 mm wafer systems and the targets are meeting the market’s requirements for low CoO and optimized performance.


CCH Process
CCH Do Aluminum Alloys
CCH Do and Do* Ti
Co and Ni
Ta and Cu

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RE-Al PLUS": Sputter Targets
Technical Papers  
  1. Reduction of TiN Nodule Density Through Optimization of Cathode and Process Variables
  2. Effect of Oxygen Content on Particle Generation in TiN Reactive Sputtering
  3. Link From Titanium Target Orientation to Titanium/Titanium Nitride/Aluminum Thin Film Orientations
  4. Technical Papers Available in PDF