Optical Recording Media

The popularity of emerging removable optical media such as CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, and Minidisks(MD) presents new opportunities for thin film deposition. MRC is actively engaged in providing target materials for these state-of-the-art formats.

Our product offering for reflecting layers include, Al, Al-Ti, Au, Ag, and Si. Praxair MRC has in-house bonding capabilities and can bond these targets on a local basis from our facilities in the USA, France and Asia. Praxair MRC has a specific precious metal recycling program for spent targets. Details of our precious metal program will be provided on request.

Praxair MRC has been offering magneto-optic (MO) targets for a number of years to the world's leading mindisk manufacturers. We provide a complete MO/MD target kit, which contains the required number of Al Ti, Si, and FeTbCo based targets. We are currently offering low-permeability longer-life MO targets and also recycle/reclaim MO targets.

Thin Film Recording Heads
Thin Film Magnetic Media