Key Communications

We have just passed our first year anniversary as the MRC Division of Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc.

As division president since July of 2000, I can tell you that these are exciting times for all of us involved in the making and marketing of MRCtm products. All of our major market segments are growing at double-digit rates. The integration of all MRC-related operations into Praxair has been completed, allowing our full organization to focus on serving our customers and growing our business.

Our objectives are to be best performing in key areas that bring value to our customers:

  • Reliability of supply
  • Quality products and services that meet customer expectations 100% of the time
  • Technology innovation
  • Customer and employee satisfaction
  • Safety and environmental excellence

We are making substantial investments in people, manufacturing infrastructure and R&D to accomplish these objectives. In fact, we are adding manufacturing capacity at each of our manufacturing locations: Orangeburg, New York; Toulouse, France and Chonan, Korea. We are investing in additional R&D facilities in Orangeburg to enable faster development of new technology and enhanced customer technical support. We are increasing staffing in manufacturing, service and R&D - all focused on delivering value to our customers.

One of our specific investments is in sputtering targets for 300 mm wafer fab. We are proud to be the supplier of choice for the world's first production 300 mm wafer fab at SC 300 in Dresden, Germany. We have been or are now in the process of being qualified by several other customers for 300 mm. And, we are making the investments to serve your 300 mm needs as well!

Another investment is in advanced ceramic materials. We are also working with Praxair Specialty Ceramics to supply single- and multi-component oxide sputtering targets. There is much interest in the semiconductor market for our BST and PZT targets for advanced leading edge products.

I encourage you to visit this web site on a regular basis for updates and information on our products and I look forward to meeting many of you personally in the near future. Please feel free to call me or any of our sales or service people if have a question, comment or opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Ray Roberge
MRC Division of Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc.