Quality Partnerships

click for larger imageAn important aspect of Praxair MRC's quality assurance philosophy is "Quality Partnerships" which we consider essential in our ongoing relationships with our customers. This is written into our annual operating plans and includes:

click for larger imageMetallurgy training:
Praxair MRC has developed a specific training course entitled " Metallurgy of Sputtering Targets" . The course covers metallurgy basics (atomic structure, cold working, recrystallization etc....), sputtering target metallurgical properties and their influence on thin film properties. The course, which all MRC engineers take, is available to customers.

End of Life Evaluations:
End of Life (EOL) analysis and investigation of sputtered targets is used by Praxair MRC to assist customers in optimizing target lifetime. This service has helped improve target utilization, reduce system downtime and effectively improve customer CoO.

Electronic transfer of documents:
Praxair MRC is developing its capability to electronically transfer documents via e-mail to customers. This program applies to EOL reports, specifications and COAs.

click for larger imageCustomer Survey:
Praxair MRC conducts regular surveys of its customer base in the USA and Europe. The surveys cover such aspects as product performance, appearance, technical support, price, delivery and response time. Results from the survey are provided to the participating customers and they help guide Praxair MRC with its program of continuous improvement.

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