Quality Assurance Programs

Praxair MRC's quality assurance strategy going forward is focused on :

click for larger image Maintenance and development of quality systems
Praxair MRC is committed to maintaining its certifications at each of its facilities (ISO 9000 and QS 9000) while assessing and working on new standards as they become drafted or released. Thees include the new ISO 9000-2000 and ISO/TS 16949 standards.

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Global Standardization
With manufacturing facilities on 3 continents, Praxair MRC is committed to supplying sputtering targets to customers with identical thin film properties. Our global standardization program includes:

  • the development of our WorldProductTM concept which addresses the processes for our key target products. It insures maximum flexibility in our manufacturing process while preserving the integrity of the consistency and reliability of the resulting thin film properties. WorldProduct is also an important aspect of our established disaster recovery plan.
  • the standardization of our specifications and procedures
  • standardized quality report formats and indicators
  • a worldwide database for customer specifications, drawings, technical and quality reports
  • adoption of global LIMS (laboratory information management system) to collect data

Quality Management
At Praxair MRC we continuously seek to refine our quality programs to meet the exacting needs of our customer base and the markets we serve. A Quality Council has been established for some time with the task of defining the quality strategy for Praxair MRC. Development of fundamental problem solving methods, root cause analysis and risk analysis through FMEA are at the core of the strategy and the Council also looks at new tools such as the Kano Methodology.

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