Quality Systems at Praxair MRC Facilities

click for larger imagePraxair MRC has developed worldwide quality systems over a period of time starting first with ISO 9000 certification of our global facilities. Toulouse, France was certified to ISO 9002 in July 1993, followed by Orangeburg, NY in July 1995 (ISO 9001) and finally Chonan, Korea in June 1999 (ISO 9002).

In the spirit of continuous improvement and a proactive quality philosophy, Praxair MRC embraced the QS 9000 system that had been developed for the automotive industry. It was anticipated that the exacting requirements of the semiconductor industry would also require the adoption of this standard. Today our Orangeburg (October 1997) and Toulouse (February 1998) facilities are certified to QS 9000 and we anticipate that our Chonan facility will be certified in the next 12 months. Praxair MRC is the only semiconductor sputtering target manufacturer in the world with this prestigious QS 9000 certification.

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