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Quality Systems at MRC Facilities
Analytical Laboratories
SPC Packages
Quality Partnerships with Customers
Quality Assurance Programs
Environment - ISO 14001

Total Quality is the fundamental philosophy of Praxair Materials Research, involving every employee in their daily activity, with the purpose of exceeding Customer expectations through continuous improvement of product quality, performances, services and support, at the lowest cost of ownership.

This quality mission statement and our commitment to Total Quality, which is a priority objective for the Company, is supported by five guiding principles

  • to implement a Customer driven strategy, and achieve total Customer Satisfaction through the establishment of strong relationships, effective partnership, open communication and mutual goals,
  • to implement and maintain the highest quality assurance systems inside the organization (currently QS-9000), and monitor progress towards goals by continuous assessment,
  • to assure the on-going development of our leading edge products, and the continuous improvement of our processes and products, through the reduction of variability, the increase of capability and the six sigma concept,
  • to provide necessary training to our employees to develop the greatest customer awareness through the use of multidisciplinary teams,
  • to include our suppliers in our Total Quality strategy, and coordinate our efforts to continuously improve customer product performance.

All these actions are monitored through the Quality Assurance Business Plan and a series of concrete Quality Assurance Programs. The following pages give detailed informations on the quality system of the Praxair MRC plants, the analytical laboratories, the ship-to-stock programs, the SPC packages and the quality partnership developed with customers.