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From the beginning of the microelectronics era over 40 years ago, Praxair Materials Research has been at the forefront of providing high-purity materials for thin film deposition. Praxair MRC pioneered many of the developments of thin film materials used in the production of semiconductor IC devices. Ultra high purity Al and Al alloys, the development of W/Ti alloys for barrier metallization, structurally controlled Al alloys and Ti for advanced sub 0.25mm devices, and next generation metals being incorporated into copper metallized devices all demonstrate MRC's leadership in this market

Today, Praxair MRC is a dedicated manufacturer of high purity deposition materials. Targets provided by Praxair MRC for sputtering systems from the major semiconductor equipment manufacturers include

Applied Material's range of Endura™ systems;
Inova™ HCM, Conmag™, Quantum™ and Versamag™ targets for Novellus systems,
RMX™ and SPA™ assemblies for TEL's Eclipse™, Solarus™ PVD systems
Planar-style targets for Anelva™, Ulvac™, Trikon Sigma™, Balzers Clusterline™.

Additionally, Praxair MRC supplies targets for most batch tools.

Quality and Production

With manufacturing sites on three continents and all facilities certified to worldwide Quality standards such as ISO 9001 or 90002, ISO 14001 and QS9000, production of targets is transparent with regards to manufacturing site and optimum performance for use in the most advanced wafer fabs is assured.

Metallurgically Tuned Performance

The CCH process, which assures targets are manufactured in a controlled environment for consistent and high performance, is applied to all target materials. Praxair MRC capitalizes on its technical experience and close involvement with leading wafer fabs and OEMs around the world to develop targets that are metallurgically tuned for optimized performance characteristics, in addition to superior thin-film properties.

Today, high purity CCH Al and Aluminum alloys are produced to meet the most rigid standards in the industry meeting and exceeding cleanliness and structural requirements. These alloyed sputtering targets are the result of the Praxair MRC's proprietary CCH process, which optimizes grain size and random crystallographic orientation for increased sputtering efficiency. Praxair MRC has a number of grades available, notably the UltraMarz™ series, which can limit the content of both uranium and thorium to the part per billion (ppb) range.

Contact and Barrier and materials such as CCH Do and Do* Ti, CCH Co and CCH Ni for salicide deposition, CCH Do and CCH Do* Ti for reactive deposition of TiN highlight Praxair MRC's expertise. Titanium targets are supplied in a variety of controlled purity grades and oxygen content, and manufactured using Praxair MRC's CCH process. Ti targets feature high level metallic purity and optimized microstructure for reduced particle generation.

As the semiconductor industry transitions from Al to Cu based metallization, Praxair MRC has developed CCH Ta for the reactive deposition of TaN barriers and CCH Cu for seed layer deposition and for anodes for electrochemical deposition of copper fill. Praxair MRC continues to pioneer bonding technology. High strength metallurgical bonds are needed to meet the requirements of high power deposition. Praxair MRC's patented diffusion-like IntegraBond for high temperature metals and alloys and our MightyBond™, which provides high strength while preserving CCH grain structure for low melting materials, meet these needs.

Working together with OEM's and our own Semiconductor Applications Laboratory, MRC has developed the technological knowledge and process expertise to satisfy the rapidly evolving needs of semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. The Laboratory features a 200mm wafer capable AMAT Endura sputtering tool, a TEL Eclipse sputtering system as well as test stands for other industry cathodes. This laboratory is a powerful tool enabling Praxair MRC to fully understand the impact of target manufacturing processes on the performance of the materials. It gives Praxair MRC the ability to conduct evaluations of target performance through target life measuring such properties as uniformity, stress, resistivity, reflectivity and other critical properties.

Supporting the development of Praxair MRC's sputtering targets is a state-of-the-art Analytical Laboratory featuring such tools as Glow Discharge Mass Spectroscopy and ICP, XRD, XRF, AA and LECO analysis.