SPC Packages

click for larger imagePraxair Materials Research is using SPC extensively in all of its facilities worldwide to monitor the critical process parameters and product characteristics. Praxair MRC established some time ago a six-sigma policy and has an internal goal of Cpk > 1.7.

From the data which is under SPC control, Praxair MRC can provide, on a quarterly basis, specific SPC data to customers on selected parameters. Alternatively, the SPC data generated can be pooled into a "SPC Quarterly Report" which is distributed to all customers that have requested such information.

SPC data that can be provided includes histograms, control charts and capability indices (Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk ...). The reports also provide data on analytes, purity, dimensions and other physical and metallurgical properties (e.g. density, grain size...)

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