Thin Film Magnetic Media

In response to the significant advances in the capabilities of recording head technology to read and write ever increasing amounts of information, media manufacturers are developing low noise, high coercivity, and low Mrt media. This work is ongoing for films deposited on conventional aluminum substrates as well as glass ceramic substrates used for laptop applications. Innovations regarding use of new materials in the underlayer, seed layer and ferromagnetic media layers are underway at major magnetic media manufacturers.

Praxair MRC products for this market include, Cr, Cr-X (X= V,Ti,W,Ru) alloys and Cr-Ta2O5, NiAl, CoCrTa, CoCrPtTa and CoCrPtTa-X (x= B, Nb) alloys. We offer controlled and consistent pass-thru-flux in ferromagnetic media alloys and offer most cast or powder processed chromium and chromium alloys.

Thin Film Recording Heads
Optical Recording Media